How do I return an item?

Hookup Cellular Return Policy

Your items are 100% guaranteed by our "no questions asked" warranty promise to our customers. There are a few rules but we try and make the process as easy as possible for you.

Please review the various areas below and let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at

Handsets, Tablets, Gadgets Return Policy Terms and Conditions
All handsets are warrantied for 30 days from the date of purchase. The presence of water damage will void your warranty, physical damage to the device will void your warranty. Flashing or in any other way modifying the software installed on the device will also void your warranty. Product must be returned with all original materials (box, charger, etc)

Cellular Airtime, Device Unlocks, Broadband Internet and other Telecommunications Services
We are a third party provider and we do not personally offer any guarantees or warranties with these services. This does not mean that we cant help you fix whatever issue you may be encountering, this does mean that we do not provide any refunds for services once they have been rendered. All sales are final for service related purchases.

Accessory Return Policy Terms and Conditions

We do not accept returns or warranty any of our accessory sales at this time. All sales are final for products in this category.

Repair Parts Return Policy Terms and Conditions
Our warranty on repair parts products is good for 90 days from the date of purchase and provides protection against factory defects prior to installation. The most common "after factory defect" we encounter with these items is static electricity being introduced the the LCD Display Screen. This can be caused by a Clumsy Postal Carrier, Carpet, Plastic Bags or an Installer not using Static Diffusion Protection to name a few. We use anti static sleeves and bubble wrap to protect against this issue. These encounters are 100% covered as long as there is no physical damage.

Generic Statement Regarding all Return Products

Physical Damage to your item will void your warranty. All products must be in brand new condition to be acceptable for return.

Examples of Instances that will void your warranty

  • Cracked or Scratched Glass
  • Torn flex cables on repair parts
  • Liquid Damage to the item
  • Returning the product without protecting it with a sturdy box, envelopes are not acceptable
  • Do NOT ship your return item w/packaging peanuts, static is incredibly dangerous to electronic components
These terms are non negotiable, shipping methods have been stress and pressure tested and have been proven to not cause these forms of damage. These rules are strictly enforced by our suppliers and regrettably we cannot be lenient with this policy if we wish to stay in business.

We are ALWAYS willing to work with people to provide affordable replacements in the event of an item being damaged outside of our warranty guidelines. We are here to help to the utmost of our ability, if you have any concerns, installation inquiries or general questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customer service agents are available via email 24/7

Return Shipping Instructions

Step One - RMA Paperwork

Please complete this short form and include it with your return so we can process your return quickly.

Hookup Cellular RMA Form

Please select "Download" and open the file with your spreadsheet application. (Excel works best, but OpenOffice will work as well)

When completed, please include a copy of the RMA paperwork inside the return package.

Step Two - Prepare Your Shipment for Delivery

Please be sure to USE A STURDY BOX and proper shipping protection to return this item. If possible we recommend you use the same shipping materials to send the item back to our warehouse. If you ship an item to us using materials other than instructed your warranty will be void. We are not responsible for errors made regarding return packaging procedures.

Examples of an improper packaging job would include the use of anything other than a sturdy box to ship these products.

(Paper is ok, cardboard is ok, peanuts cause static electricity)

You should also include your RMA form INSIDE of the package explaining the defect of the product as well as a request for exchange or store credit. This is required so that we can quickly process your return. Failure to do so may cause a brief delay in your RMA processing.

Step Three - Ship your Package

We do our best to process all returns within 24 hours of package arrival. We may contact you directly to see if you would prefer a direct exchange or store credit.

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