How do I return an item?

Hookup Cellular Return Policy

Your items are 100% guaranteed by our "no questions asked" warranty promise to our clients. There are a few rules, but we try to make the process as easy to navigate as possible.


Repair Parts Return Policy Terms and Conditions

HookUp Cellular proudly offers a lifetime replacement policy for all our repair parts. We started as a repair shop, in fact our techs are probably working on repair services at this very moment so we understand the headache low quality parts can create, that is why we bench test these items before shipment to ensure our clients receive the lowest return rates possible.

Lifetime Warranty Description

Lifetime warranty applies so long as our client is still an active customer. If the client is no longer purchasing repair parts from our company with the same or similar volume our warranty is limited to 60 days from the date of purchase.

Any warrantied item returned to us is eligible for store credit, refund or exchange. If the client prefers a refund, we will refund at the current sale price of the item or the clients original purchase price (whichever is lower) minus a 10% restocking fee. Prices in this industry tend to decline from month to month, given our generous lifetime exchange program this policy is firm.  Items returned for store credit or exchange are not subject to a restocking fee. 

Return Policy Fine Print

Return Shipping Responsibilities

We gladly provide return labels for defective or nonworking items. If the client is returning an item because it was purchased accidentally or is no longer needed the client must cover return shipping costs. Please contact us directly for your return shipping label.

HookUp Cellular does not cross ship products. Once an item is returned to us and bench tested a replacement or store credit will be applied based on client preference.

*Please do not include returns with your CASH4LCDs Buyback shipments, we will be happy to provide you with an alternate label upon request.

When Restocking Fees are Applied

Any item returned that is deemed to be in working order is subject to a 10% restocking fee if the client does not wish to have the original item returned to them. The client will be responsible for return shipping but also has the option to have the item(s) included in their next shipment.


Wear and Tear Policy

If the item is damaged during removal we reserve the right to deny or discount the return. This also applies to items with heavy wear and tear from the end user. These items will be reviewed on a case by case basis. In instances where the display panel is broken or otherwise damaged the return will not be permitted.


Return/Exchange Time frame

Nearly all returns are processed within 24 hours of arrival, in store returns are processed same day with some limitations. 


Items Not Covered by Warranty

Accessories, screen protectors, tools and adhesives are not eligible for return. Any repair item with a torn flex cable, liquid damage, display panel damage or damaged glass is not eligible for return.


Discontinued Item Policy

If the item being returned is no longer being carried by HookUp Cellular this item will only be eligible for refund or store credit within 60 days of purchase.


Updates to Our Policies

Hookup Cellular returns/exchanges/warranty policies are subject to change at any time and no given warning or notice is necessary.


Abuse of Our Policies

HookUp Cellular reserves the right to alter or change our return policy at any time.  Should we consider that a client is abusing our generous return policy we reserve the right to modify this agreement.

Return Shipping Instructions

Step One - RMA Paperwork

Please complete this short form and include it with your return so we can process your return quickly.

Hookup Cellular RMA Form (LINK)

Please select "Download" and open the file with your spreadsheet application.

When completed, please include a copy of the RMA paperwork inside the return package.

Step Two - Prepare Your Shipment for Delivery

Please be sure to USE A STURDY BOX and proper shipping protection to return this item. If possible we recommend you use the same shipping materials to send the item back to our warehouse. If you ship an item to us using materials other than instructed your warranty will be void. We are not responsible for errors made regarding return packaging procedures.

Examples of an improper packaging job would include the use of anything other than a sturdy box to ship these products.

DO NOT USE PACKAGING PEANUTS (Paper is ok, cardboard is ok, peanuts cause static electricity)

You should also include your RMA form INSIDE of the package explaining the defect of the product as well as a request for exchange or store credit. This is required so that we can quickly process your return. Failure to do so may cause a brief delay in your RMA processing.

Step Three - Ship your Package

We do our absolute best to process all returns within 24 hours of package arrival. We may contact you directly to see if you would prefer a direct exchange or store credit.

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